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Through great stories and transformations, a new residential element is born that gives a new meaning to a cultural area.

A concept of life based on history and the sense of inspiration it provides. This is how Mansión Baluarte was born.

Monument made home.

Mansión Baluarte


Mansión Baluarte is located in the most colonial area of Panama: Casco Viejo. Thus, this project enjoys a highly emblematic location, adding prestige and elegance to its name.

Casco Viejo is an area embraced by the fascinating history of an ancient Panama. Today, it is going through a revival that enhances its name. The passage of time has brought great changes for the better, having many of its buildings and facades restored to bring this area back to life, turning it into both a tourist and residential destination.

The joint of everything

Baluarte Mansion stands in the emblematic Plaza Herrera, the first from the entrance of Casco Viejo, named in honor of General Tomás Herrera. In its surroundings, there are buildings that have been perfectly restored, turning it into a striking and scenic square for residents and tourists.

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Transcendent Design

The city’s land wall was demolished after 1856. The Tiger’s Hand bulwark was sold, “up to including the outer wall of the dry moat”; later several wooden houses were built in this area, including The Boyaca (1890).

This structure was part of the land based defensive wall of Panama City; it belonged to the defensive bulwark known as Tiger’s Hand. The quaint triangular-shaped wooden house beside the ruins is known as the Boyaca, in memory of a Colombian gunboat. One of the second protective wall of the colonial city.

Baluarte (bulwark): Pentagonal-shaped construction that stands out at the angle of union between two canvases or parts of the wall, used as a strong point of defense against the assault of enemy troops.

Livable and Imposing

The original design of Mansión Baluarte provides ideal spaces that vary in footage to meet the different needs of residents, from habitable to social.

At Mansión Baluarte we redefine modern style. Here we make the fullness of life tangible, emphasizing respect for the beginning and the origin, but always evolving to meet the needs of people.

Historical Home

Interiores Mansión Baluarte, Casco Antiguo, Panamá

At Mansión Baluarte you will find a diversity of enveloping spaces with high-rise and elegant design. Each one varies in footage and distribution, starting from 52 m2 to 124 m2, allowing to satisfy different needs for each resident, and with the same modernity in all its finishes.

Over time, Mansión Baluarte underwent renovations to preserve its historical value and, at the same time, be able to offer its users a space that will redefine their lifestyle and transform it into a new residential experience.

It’s time to choose the new value that will revolutionize your future and the future of those you love.

Growth opportunity

Mansión Baluarte also has spaces made exclusively for commercial premises, where different local businesses are given the opportunity to grow under a promise of prestige.

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It’s time to choose the new value that will revolutionize your future and the future of those you love.

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